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    For a line of machinery that wants to operate at an efficient capacity, with long life, the maintenance is extremely important. Machines for producing carton packaging should be inspected and cleaned continuously. Following are the points that need maintenance and repair as follows:
    1. Change the oil in the gear box of the carton manufacturing machinery. Oil can be used as number 10, number 20 or number 30.
    2. After all parts have been assembled, started and operated, it is necessary to observe whether the machine is functioning normally. Properly heat and apply a special small amount of oil to carton packaging machinery and cover the inside surface of the power supply then cut off. Spray paint on machine surface, cover with plastic paper after drying and store in a dry place.
    3. If the production chain is too loose, it can be adjusted by reducing it. If it was serious, it should be replaced. When using carton manufacturing machinery, it is recommended to use the method and principle of quantity, maintain maintenance and timely solve various error issues. When adjusting and changing the chain, it should be noted that the direction of installation of the spring at the chain link must be consistent with the running direction of the line, to avoid impact, jump or even collision and falling during running. .
    4. Clean all rolling bearings and add new grease.
    5. All dirt on the friction surface, especially the chain and sprocket, must be cleaned and lubricated regularly.
    Maintenance and repair of carton packaging machinery requires technicians to conduct to ensure the use and performance of carton machinery. Maintenance is essential and indispensable in every carton packaging production line.