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    When we use the carton printing machine, the printed matter may change color after using it for a period of time. For this situation, our majority of printing machine users often have no way to start, and they have to spend a lot of time and money to repair it. In view of this situation, I would like to introduce some man-made and effective methods, I hope it can play a role in your use.
    1. First of all, we should check whether the layout design of our printed materials is reasonable. For example, we should put the patterns with large amount of ink in the dragging position. Such layout design is certainly not conducive to our printing of high-quality printed materials. We should put them in the mouth position, which is conducive to the control of the teeth on the paper and easier to print non discolored printed materials, After completing these, our printed matter may be able to solve the discoloration problem. Of course, there are some problems that can not be solved. If our printed matter still discolors after these efforts, notify the company for maintenance as soon as possible to solve the problem quickly. 
    2. After we have eliminated the film problem, we should check whether there is a problem in the ink path system. We can use a very simple method to check the ink path system. First, we use car wash water (water can be added) to thoroughly clean the ink path. After parking, we should check whether there are white crystalline particles in the ink path. If we find such substances, Then, the discoloration may be the local discoloration of the printed matter produced by the crystal material pile mer, which often reflects the local color deviation of the brush.
    After washing the car, we did not find these crystalline substances. We restarted the printing press and inked each ink roller. After inking, we closed the plate ink roller and plate water roller to check whether the pressure reached the standard. If not, I suggest readjusting the pressure of all ink rollers to reach a better state.
    3. After doing this, we can try printing. During the trial printing, we'd better choose a better coated paper for trial printing to avoid the impact of paper problems on us. For thin paper, we should open the air volume on the imprint as small as possible, and for thick paper, we should open it appropriately. If there is discoloration of printed matter, we should not start with the conclusion of the problem of the printing press itself. We should first look for the reason at the periphery of the printing press. First, we should use a magnifying glass to observe the dot on the printing plate and check whether it has been deformed. If it is found that the dot has been deformed on the printing plate, Then we should check the film and eliminate the problems when it is released.
    4. Check the paper unloading, including the adjustment of the paper unloading air, the flatness of the paper in the front gauge, the coordination between the paper and the paper pressing sheet, the operation of the paper conveying belt, etc. After there is no problem with the ink path system, we check the water path and adjust the pressure between the plate water roller, metering roller, bucket roller and water channeling roller. In particular, we should adjust the pressure of the intermediate roller. Under the condition that our own technology is not enough, it is best not to use the intermediate water roller in the printing process.

    Check whether there are dead teeth, use efficient rust remover such as WD-40, and oil the teeth and teeth shaft to ensure that there are no dead teeth. If there is no problem with the ink Road, we should check whether the rubber liner is standard. We suggest that the thickness of the liner should be]35 silk. The rubber blanket should be brand with aluminum strip, and the rubber blanket should be new. The new blanket should be tightened again after being used for a period of time.
    5. If the discoloration problem is still not solved after all these are done, we may have to consider the problem of teeth. We should clean the tooth pad and the tooth piece, and it is better to remove the spring for cleaning. Some of our manufacturers only know to clean the tooth pad, but do not know that it is wrong to clean the tooth piece.