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    First of all, quality must be managed. If the quality of the manufactured products is not guaranteed, manufacturing is meaningless. When organizing production, the part of production (including workshops and teams) must first begin with a quality assurance approach, conduct careful research, organize and guide production in a fair and scientific way. . In practice, this mistake tends to occur frequently: the purpose of production is to organize production tasks that must be completed regularly, while quality control is considered a unilateral problem of quality control. In fact, this concept does not exist in many businesses, often leading to a number of unqualified consequences. Products of different quality often have to be reworked and produced, taking more time than normal production, resulting in the prolongation of manpower and material resources.
    Product quality control
    "Quality control" is the act of closely following the production process, that is, performing a series of analysis, comparison and detailed control of the reliability of the production process and the quality and efficiency status. , consuming raw materials, costs and operating carton equipment, and discovering errors that need to be repaired promptly. It can be said that "Quality control" is the detailed measures and actions that need to be taken to ensure the effectiveness and scientificity of production, and it is carried out on a "management" basis. Production management and management are strengthened and replicated. However, management is the most important and "management" is a prerequisite and the basis of "rationality". Only when "managed" well, can achieve the goal. Each administrator must resolutely manage and do his or her job well. Only in this way can carton machinery businesses compete and thrive.

    The so-called "management" means that in the production organization process, people, jobs and goods need to be managed in the production process in a good and reliable state. Among them, people are one of the key factors related to the production and operation status of enterprises, and also the main premise. Everyone's thoughts are dynamic or old-fashioned. If you don't control, good employees will become lazy, and bad employees will become obsolete. Just by creating an environment where everyone is governed by the system and realizing that everyone is equal before the system, managers don't feel ashamed of insulting others, and everything. will be easy to do. As long as we can manage people according to the corporate governance system built by businesses and make the governance system tightly constitute a deterrent effect, employee behavior will be standardized, what can be done and what can't be, and the employee's mind will naturally become clear. Employees can follow the rules and assignments, and everything in production will be solved easily. Product quality will have a reliable foundation. Control of material consumption and production efficiency can also be effectively guaranteed.
    In fact, production management is the process of production planning, mobilization, organization, control, planning and leadership. Production management is important and reasonable, must be done in an orderly manner around "management" and "rationality", and continuously implement the management of innovation, application or introduction of methods. Good administration, very fit