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    Double-sided tape is also an important auxiliary material in carton printing, but its importance is often overlooked leading to unfavorable printing conditions.
    So what are those influences?
    Double-sided adhesive tape has the following functions:
    1. Fix the printing plate on the film base or platen. If it is fixed, consider the convenience of unloading and the absence of residual glue.
    2. Fill in the print space. All equipment manufacturers specify "standard sheet thicknesses", so the tape thickness also takes into account the perimeter of repeat printing. In general, the design plate thickness is 7.2, as follows:
    3.94 plate + 3.05 plate + 0.1 base + 0.11 tape = 7.2mm
    3. Improve printing quality.
    There are several types of adhesive tape materials as follows:
    Film type, fiber type and foam type.
    The first two types have little elasticity, while the foam type has very good elasticity
    In order to ensure the accuracy of the overprinting process, it is required to minimize the error in the gluing of the plate, so it is recommended to use a tape with good transparency performance, because the transparent sheet and the plate base are also transparent. good adhesion.
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