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    The fierce competition in the carton industry makes the profits of carton businesses less and less. Increasing production efficiency and reducing waste and waste in the production process are well worth researching for carton businesses. Improved equipment automation is an effective way to improve production efficiency. Therefore, businesses are willing to invest heavily in introducing advanced production lines and buying new equipment. But we can see that in many businesses, the use of equipment is very low and new equipment is often unable to meet production technology requirements, and even some devices do not work, causing great waste for enterprises' economic production. Regarding how to choose and buy carton equipment to avoid the above situation, we give some suggestions as follows:
    Matters needing attention before buying
    1. Before buying carton equipment, the relevant parts of the business should work together and reach consensus.
    The enterprise should determine the basic types and specifications of the equipment according to the actual production needs and the configuration of the original production equipment, identify the procurement department and related personnel of the equipment. , installation of equipment, operations and related responsibilities. The equipment purchasing department collects and collates information from the device manufacturer, main structural characteristics, specifications, and introduces the function of each device part, price, according to mechanical conditions. Version of the model and specifications are determined. Detailed and dedicated preparation of equipment selection survey report, various aspects of equipment manufacturers to compare.
    2. Pay attention to the technical evaluation of the device.
    The first step in the selection and evaluation of equipment is usually a careful use or technical inspection to determine if the equipment is technically feasible. When evaluating the equipment specifications, the following factors should be carefully considered:
    1. Production capacity.
    When choosing a device, its production capacity will be able to meet the requirements of the current production situation and likely in the near future. Excessive use or inadequate equipment manufacturing capacity is not recommended. No doubt buying a device will soon not meet the requirements of the manufacturing process. Similarly, buying a device with a high production capacity has never been necessary, especially when the price of the device is more expensive. Therefore, when selecting equipment, we should objectively evaluate the performance, production efficiency and production capacity of the equipment to be purchased from a specific level of production technology and production development prospects,
    2. Reliability.
     The so-called reliability relates to the ability of the device to persist in order to fulfill the prescribed functions under specified conditions and within specified time limits. Nobody wants to buy an old malfunctioning device, because it will not only cause losses but also delay delivery times, especially during shorter product delivery times and fierce market competition. than. Therefore, the purchase of a safe and reliable device is an important factor to check.
    3. Maintenance ability.
     The so-called serviceability means that the device is easy to maintain. Although there are currently many devices that do not need repair, for the vast majority of devices, incidents are always inevitable. Therefore, when selecting equipment, serviceability must be an important evaluation factor. When the other elements are basically the same, there is no doubt that the device is structured, easy to test, maintain and repair.
    4. International.
    Wherever possible, new and existing equipment purchased by the enterprise should be flexible in terms of supply of parts, maintenance and operation, in order to save personnel training, personnel training costs and costs. procuring auxiliary equipment.
    5. Safety.
     Although there are very few insecure devices on the market today, the safety of equipment is critical to enterprise production and employee safety, so we should evaluate it carefully. Carefully selected carton equipment.
    6. Addition.
     In today's increasingly complex and complex devices, many devices can only play a full role with the support of complete ancillary equipment. Therefore, when selecting the main unit, the appropriate situation and the utilization rate of ancillary equipment are often taken into account as a deciding factor. Especially for CNC equipment more and more widely used, without proper "auxiliary equipment", the role of these devices is very difficult.
    7. Operation.
     Increasing complexity and accuracy of the device does not mean that operation is becoming more complex. Excessive equipment will increase training costs and cause operator fatigue and error, so simple equipment should be chosen.
    8. Easy to install.
     This is often overlooked. Before buying equipment, check the installation location of equipment. For some large-scale equipment, transport routes need to be checked to choose the right equipment, easy to transport and install.
    9. Environmental protection. Environmental protection of the device consists of two meanings: one is to reduce material losses, and the other is to save energy consumption. Environmental protection is not only a need to reduce product costs, but also an important chip for businesses to participate in international competition.