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    Viet Dat Co., Ltd. is the leading packaging machine supplier in Vietnam. Viet Dat is an agent in Vietnam for industrial groups, factories, and trading companies with great reputations in the Chinese market.
    Viêt Dat's partner - Xinguang Packaging Machine Equipment Company is a professional and powerful enterprise specializing in the manufacture of carton machines and printers located in the south of Beijing. Xinguang has a full range of comprehensive and professional equipment, extensive experience in production, advanced technology, and complete testing methods as well as a complete management system.
    Xinguang products are qualified to meet all the needs of customers with proven designs and sizes. Products are highly appreciated by domestic and foreign customers for their beautiful appearance, precise process, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service.
    Nowadays, an advanced change in carton machinery is needed, Xinguang is constantly increasing research and development of new product models as well as improving the index performance of existing products. Viet Dat and Xinguang always try to provide customers with products with reasonable prices and perfect after-sales service to satisfy all customers absolutely.