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When customers have a need to invest in equipment and facilities for producing carton packaging, they should first determine the size and budget.
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    When customers have a need to invest in equipment and machinery for carton packaging, they need to determine their size and budget first.
    There are usually 2 ways to invest as follows:
    - Investing in the whole line
    - Only invest in processing machines and corrugated paper purchased from the supplier
    In order to invest in a model of a carton factory, it is necessary to have premises of factories, power stations, finance, workers….
    And customers have to determine whether they will produce 3-layer, 5-layer or 7-layer packaging, the more corrugated layer will increase the stiffness for carton post.

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    3-layer Carton: used for compact goods. 3-layer carton is composed of 2 regular straight layers of paper with a corrugated layer in the middle.
    3-layer corrugated picture carton
    5-layer Carton: used for packing goods, furniture, large machines in weight and volume. 5-layer carton is composed of 2 outer layers and 3 inner layers: the 2 middle layers of waves are flat layers.
    7-layer Carton: designed with 2 outer layers and 5 inner waves: 3 layers of waves and 2 layers of alternating flat layers. 7-layer-carton is mainly used to hold export products such as ceramics, porcelain, wood, electronics, machinery ...
    After determining how to invest in many layers of corrugated waves, determine the wave generator size so that it is suitable for the types of cartons we will produce, the common format is 1800mm, size 2000mm, size 2500mm.

    2. Invest in workshops and finance

    Customers can determine how many layers of wave lines will have length and width parameters, usually 5-layer waves with a length of at least 60m, the width of the workshop depending on the stage of processing the finished product.
    Customer finance has a financial level to invest in how to invest in lines or invest in a separate machine and accompanying machines
    Part finishing processing: flexo printing machine, longitudinal strip cutting machine, carton stapling machine, carton sealing machine, carton bundle ...

    3. Machinery system for the packaging factory

    In the process after creating the corrugated cartin packaging, it is necessary to invest in machinery and equipment to produce the packaging properly.

    Automatic flexo printing machine:

    With flexo carton printer with 1-color, 2-color, 3-color, 4-color printers ... with the principle of flexo printing as follows: Flexo carton printing technique is a direct printing method due to the embossed print, mold printing is provided by anilox roll. Anilox axis is a metal shaft, the surface is engraved with a small box. During the printing process, the shaft is partially embedded in the ink tray, ink will enter into the boxes on the surface of the shaft, the ink on the surface will be removed by the ink knife. Then the printing die and the axis will come in contact with the axis and receive ink from the small boxes on the surface of the printing axis, Flexo printing mold: Made with photopolymer plastic. The printing press can be made by photochemical, CTP or laser engraving method, and then mounted on the printing axis by double-sided tape or magnetic field. The choice of printing die (thickness, hardness, number of layers) depends on the media (paper, carton or film)
    At present, when investing in a flexo carton printer, customers often invest in a printer of at least 2 colors behind with additional (slot cutting, groove cutting) + round die and automatic workpiece output.

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    After closing, the carton will be folded or glued with staples (depending on customers' requirements).
    With stapling machine with manual stapler (electric stapler but workers have to place their hands and visually distance) invest in about 50 million (depending on the needs to invest 1 or more machines) (need 1 worker / machine, in the case of a large sized bin it needs 2 workers)
    With semi-automatic stapling (folders push in, on the machine automatically aligning the distance of pins, the number of pins ... automatically counts the number of barrels and pushes out) the price ranges from 350 to 400 million. (Need 2 workers including 1 worker pushing products and 1 worker collecting products)
    With carton box, customers who request glueing will have semi-automatic cartoning machines (the machine automatically takes corrugated, glue and pushes to the folding workers and puts them in the projection mat), customers need to prepare about 150 to 200 million . (needs 2 workers)
    With full automatic gluing machine (automatic corrugated machine, automatic gluing, automatic gluing, automatic counting of ejects, automatic bundling), customers invest in the range of 800 million to 1.8 billion. (need about 4 workers including workers to deliver embryos and workers bundle or collect products)

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    For high-demand products such as cartons with images, offset printing is required (units often order rented offset printing units) and corrugated on corrugated sheets before gluing and staples will have to be invested in a semi-self backing machine. automatic or automatic, the price is in the range of 400 million to 1.8 billion. (requires 2 workers to supply and collect embryos)
    In addition to the workers running each machine, customers need to research to supplement the workers ...
    The above is a brief outline of the investment process of carton production, although it is incomplete, but we want customers to consult before learning investment, the technology is changing day by day and the 4.0 revolution is coming. , please take the opportunity to grow your business to become a famous business name in the paper packaging industry.
    Customers wishing to invest in carton packaging machinery, please contact: 0913 238 526 for more information.