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    Flexo printing and ofset printing are two popular printing techniques in the packaging printing industry. Between flexo printing and offset printing, which printing method should customers choose? We will provide some information that will help you easily distinguish as well as have the right choice when you need to find the most suitable packaging solution for your product.
    Flexo printing technology for carton packaging
    Carton packaging flexo printing is a direct printing method due to the embossed printing made from rubber or phoyopolymer plastic. , the ink is fed to the printing plate by anilox shaft. Anilox axis is a metal shaft, its surface is engraved with many small cells (cells).
    During the printing process, the axis is partially embedded in the ink tray, the ink will get into the cells on the shaft surface, the ink on the surface will be brushed off by the ink knife. The print plate then touches the shaft and receives ink from cells on the surface of the printing roller.
    Flexo printing technique (Artwork)
    Here, the printing mold is made from photopolymer resin. The choice of a mold in the flexographic printing process is how thick, hard or the number of layers depends on the media.
    Flexo printing is known to be a technique for poor image quality compared to digital printing or offset printing. However, this technology, with the advantage of giving uniform product quality in color, is preferred by many units in printing product packaging including carton sheets, sticker stickers, roll printing ... Especially, flexographic printing can be applied on many different materials such as: fabric, polymers, etc.
    Offset printing technology for carton packaging
    Carton pack offset printing is a printing technique in which ink-sticky images are first pressed onto rubber sheets (also known as offset sheets) and then pressed from rubber onto paper.
    When used with lithography, this technique avoids water being adhered to the paper in accordance with the ink.
    Offset printing - a very popular modern packaging printing technology (Artwork)
    In packaging printing as well as many other fields, offset printing is the number 1 choice of many businesses specializing in producing and trading goods because of its outstanding advantages compared to other printing techniques. May be mentioned as:
    · Making prints with beautiful image quality, sharp, durable and long-lasting because the printing ink is not in direct contact with the printing surface but through the offset plate.
    Ability to apply printing on different surfaces from paper, wood, fabric to metal ...
    Compare flexographic and offset printing
    What's the difference between them?
    If comparing between flexographic printing and offset printing, we appreciate the sharper quality of offset printing. Offset printing costs are more expensive and more prints are completed in less time
    Flexo printing is suitable for ordering in bulk with cheap price, need to respond to orders quickly in a short time.
    From the above basic information, we can see that flexo printing and offset printing are both modern printing techniques that can be applied on a variety of materials, from paper to wood, metal ... However, they There are also obvious differences that we need to see to get the right choice for our packaging printing and product packaging needs.
    Print type
    Flexo printing is suitable for the needs of roll printing and carton printing. Offset printing is more common with paper packaging, publications ... for its beautiful and sharp images.
    Products from flexo printing (Artwork)
    Flexo printing uses anilox axis to transmit ink to create uniform products in color. As for offset printing, the printed image will be more beautiful and impressive, but it is difficult to have such uniformity.
    Price in packaging printing
    For customers who need to print small quantities, the offset printing method will help save more money. On the contrary, flexographic printing will be a good choice for the need to batch print products with large quantities and require uniformity.
    Products from offset printing (Artwork)
    Thus, depending on your needs, your purpose, as a business wants to print packaging for your products, you need to have a specific study and comparison to make the most suitable choice. For more information, please contact us at hot line: 0913238526 for advice.