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    With the development of the packaging market in Vietnam, the packaging factories are developing day by day, the frequency of packaging machines operating is increasing. Therefore, the wear and tear when using packaging production equipment regularly, replacing and repairing machine components is essential.
    So what the carton packaging manufacturers are interested in is how to find a reputable component supplier.
    Viet Dat Co., Ltd, we specialize in providing packaging machinery (carton packaging, plastic packaging, non-woven fabrics), besides we provide components and equipment for packaging industry.
    - Components of corrugated carton packaging machine: tungsen wave, thin knife, knife knife, monge knife sharpener, roller wheel, cross cutter, temple wheel, rubber die, blanket drying, single point brake, brake multipoint, main, ...
    - Components of inflexo printing machine packing carton: ink pump, ink cup, pump film, print liner rubber, printing rubber, printer gears, printer paper guide rubber, 2-sided printing tape ...
    - Components and equipment for non-woven fabric production line: mesh conveyor, circular filter mesh, filter, fluorine fiber, fiber injection plate, fiber pine needles, P ringers, harmonic sieve, aluminum ring ....
    We have more than 20 years in the industry of machinery, equipment and components for packaging industry, we are confident to bring customers quality products, bring customer satisfaction.
    All customer contact information can contact us at 0983449427 we will quote for you.