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    Can save 200 orders, change paper cutting specifications quickly and accurately, replace orders without stopping the machine, can connect to a computer, convenient for production management.
    - The knife shaft drive gear uses highly refined high-frequency steel, performs side-gap drive, uses advanced fish-free connection method, and drives with high precision.
    The blade of the horizontal cutting machine uses a steel spiral blade structure, a serrated knife. Scissor cut, small cutting force, long life blade.
    -Banh put paper before and after using the method of pressing the sun cake, paper is stable, pressure evenly, less paper damage or cause paper clogging.
    The machine uses electric storage brakes (brakes do not consume energy), in the production process consumes less energy, the average amount of electricity used is only 1/3 of a normal NC breaker, can save over 70 % of electricity, so can save costs.
    The fine-fitting gearbox can be adjusted to ensure precise fitting of the knife and balanced operation.
    Investing in twisted knife cross cutting machine should pay attention to the achieved capacity as well as the advantages of the machine. Customers need to take into account the benefits they bring in order to plan an effective investment.
    When buying packaging machinery and equipment, customers should choose reputable, quality, long-term and experienced units. Because those providers themselves have good units, with many solutions to suit the needs of customers.
    Viet Dat Company Limited - is one of the pioneering suppliers in the field of packaging equipment in Vietnam. Viet Dat is committed to providing customers with the most satisfaction when using their services.