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    With the popularity of carton packaging, the development of the packaging industry is more and more rapid. The demand for fully automatic packaging machinery is an inevitable need. The packaging finishing process using a high-speed carton sewing machine is perfectly reasonable.
    What are the characteristics and advantages of carton sewing machine?
    The machine is commonly used in carton packing machinery.
    1. The main parts of the high-speed barrel sewing machine: punching knife, punching box and base, are made of alloy tungsten steel imported from Germany and precision machined. They are wear and corrosion resistant, and can be used for 6-8 years without changing blades.
    2. Long service life of high speed stapler. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the whole machine is 3-5 times that of ordinary nailing machine.
    3. According to the nail head arrangement, the structure of the stapler can make single slant pin, double slant stapler, single straight pin, double straight pin, single horizontal staple and double horizontal staple. At present, the use of cross staples is more common, and its arrangement structure enhances the bonding strength of the carton boxes.
    4. It adopts advanced electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake device imported from Taiwan to replace traditional mechanical clutch control operation, which reduces maintenance rate and is characterized by high response speed. Fast response and low noise. Many utilities solve the disadvantages of traditional mechanical manual staplers such as loud noise, frequent maintenance and replacement of accessories, and improve production efficiency.
    5. All parts of the high speed stapler are interchangeable. Compared with the old machine, the roller bearing used in the runner has the advantages of improved appearance, fast and stable operation, low noise, tight staple distance and fast stapling speed.