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    Automatic paper splicing machine for carton corrugated machine in corrugated line
    Performing paper roll change without stopping the machine, without reducing the speed, so the line capacity is significantly increased. Besides, it can avoid peeling paper, separating layers caused by stopping the machine when changing paper manually.
    • The automatic paper splicing machine helps to keep the gluing spot neat, only about 10cm, which reduces paper waste when gluing compared to changing paper manually, which usually takes from 1 to 5m of paper.
    • The back roll edge can be adjusted to align with the front roll, without causing damage to the product, compared to manual paper changing which usually takes 5 to 20m to re-align.
    • The automatic paper splicing machine has a tension balancing system when the paper roll is eccentric, helping to keep the paper positions evenly stretched, avoiding product damage or paper breakage when the paper roll is eccentric.
    1) Model : XSH-150
    2) Paper splicing speed: 10-140 m/min, paper splicing success rate 99% (depending on source paper quality)
    3) Operating speed: 10-200 m/p in normal operation
    4) Suitable for paper weight: 80-300g/㎡
    5) The biggest paper roll diameter: Ø1500mm
    6) Machine width: 2200MM
    7) Suitable for double-sided tape size: 30mm-40mm
    8) Paper splicing success rate: 99% or more
    9) Tension control method: automatic or manual (changeable)
    10) Machine weight: about 2200 Kg