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    Flexo printing is a direct printing method due to the embossed printing, the ink is fed to the printing plate by the anilox shaft. Anilox axis is a metal shaft, its surface is engraved with many small cells (cells). During the printing process, the axis is partially embedded in the ink tray, the ink will get into the cells on the shaft surface, the ink on the surface will be brushed off by the ink knife. The print plate then touches the shaft and receives ink from the cells on the surface of the printing roller.
    Flexo printing mold:
    Made of photopolymer plastic. The printing mold can be fabricated by photochemical method, CTP or laser etching, and then attached to the printing roller using double-sided tape or magnetic field. The choice of the printing plate (thickness, hardness, number of layers) depends on the printed material (paper, carton or film). Especially, flexo technology has an automatic closing system right after the printing process. If the printing materials are decal types, the excess parts of the product are also peeled off the adhesive base. The flexographic printing method is an appropriate choice to print labels, stickers, stamps, labels, labels, packages, cartons and print on many special materials such as fabric, cardboard or printing on polymer films ...
    Where to buy a reputable flexo printer is probably a frequently asked question of customers when starting to want to invest.
    If you need to find a flexo printer supplier, you need to give some criteria to choose from:
    - Supplier has many years of experience in the field of printing machinery
    Competent supplier, has many deep relationships with the supplier
    - Supplier has a team of technical staff, service support before and after the sale, maintenance of machinery and equipment.
    - Provide customers with the most suitable solutions at the given cost and still ensure print quality.
    Viet Dat Co., Ltd with more than 20 years of experience in providing packaging machinery, quality flexo printers. Make sure to give customers the best and most suitable choice. For more detailed information, customers can contact hotline 0913 238 526 for advice.