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    Packaging industry is growing, in addition to the influence of macro factors such as economic development, political - legal factors, carton manufacturing and supplying industry. by input materials and carton packaging machinery and equipment system ....

    Technological factors of carton packaging machinery determine the development of the carton


    Producing carton boxes according to international standards requires a lot of factors, including the production line and management skills of people. The carton manufacturing process requires relatively many steps and support devices.
    The more you invest in modern, high-tech machinery, high-speed automatic equipment will help businesses producing carton packaging will increase productivity, low errors, save time and money. labor costs.

    Some high quality machinery and equipment in the carton packaging production process

    High-speed wave generator

    - Upper and lower waves are made of high quality alloy steel 48CrMo. - - Lot hardened, polished and hard chrome plated.
    - The machine is equipped with a sensor system to detect broken or out of paper paper. The machine will automatically stop when the paper breaks.
    - The machine can be fitted with an automatic paper splicing machine so that the machine can operate continuously without stopping the machine, helping to reduce the cost of charcoal and improve the production line.

    High-speed twist knife cutting machine

    - Taiwanese alloy serrated cross knife, stable, straight and precise paper cutting.
    - Independent type control cabinet, with industrial air conditioner, highest speed 200,250m / 1 minute.

    High speed round die printer

    - The machine uses a completely computerized control system, has the function of storing orders, changing orders quickly, manipulating simple and convenient.
    - Actions on the touch screen, with support functions to control manual operation.
    - Fine adjustment system, ensuring accurate and high precision adjustment, no wave breaking. Highest machine speed 150 sheets / minute, economic print speed 120 sheets / minute.

    Where to choose to buy carton packaging equipment?

    When you are wondering whether to choose the type of machinery to meet the actual needs and future goals of the business, you do not know how to choose a reputable and high quality carton packaging equipment supplier. amount. We have some tips to give you:
    - Choose experienced suppliers, many years in the field of providing equipment and machinery for carton packaging production.
    - Suppliers have many choices, many types of machines for you to choose.

    - Providers have pre- and post-sale services, always ready to advise, warranty and maintenance of machinery and equipment when you call.
    Viet Dat Co., Ltd. with more than 20 years of consulting, providing and offering solutions to choose the right equipment to meet the different needs of customers. If you need a free consultation on technology and equipment, please contact the Company, our staff will give you enthusiastic advice.
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