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    In 1895, the first corrugated carton was born in the United States in a factory, Fu carton was born, breaking wood materials "dominating the world of transport packaging". But for a long time, the development of the carton packaging industry was slow, until this year, with many subjective and objective conditions of change, corrugated carton packaging has regained the favor of the industry, and is considered the future of packaging material itself.
    According to the results of the international market survey Pira expected, in 2016 the global packaging industry of BRIC countries effectively increases the purchasing power, the total output value will quickly increase to 500 billion euros, Average annual growth rate of more than 3%, this growth is the main source for packaging product growth in demand drag BRICs. And estimated market share of plastic packaging remains unchanged; corrugated packaging followed, about 30%; glass packaging, although growing slowly, its market share will increase to 6%; while metal packaging will be reduced by 14%.
    Digital printing technology to promote the development of personalized corrugated packaging. Right now, about 10% of high-resolution vignette printing, using digital printing technology, recognizes personalized corrugated packaging providing the basis and can be seen from many subsequent cases. Successful marketing, personalized design and corrugated packaging, are truly popular with consumers. At the same time, the company has a mature technology company combined with current emerging technologies, such as mobile APP applications and two-dimensional code, developing new interactive tools to meet market demand. .
        Corrugated carton packaging can also be used for gift packaging. Digby, give it a colorful wine box of gift box designs, and market response as well. Unlike wooden packaging, in the same intensity, the waveform, light weight, convenient transport logistics and for heavier products, can also add a "cushion" to the corrugated box, to facilitate It is also easier to print for consumers, and its surface is easier to print and will not be chiseled by insects
    Special stores of German supermarkets Aldi and Liddell in this region led, the market share is increasing every year. Aldi group and Schwartz group (the parent company of supermarket lids) are expected in the next five years corresponding to 3.55% and 5% annual growth and the main shopping center of the annual growth rate less than 2%. In lids supermarkets, corrugated packaging is often used for a variety of food and home appliances, and is often used as one of the shopping mall's sales points. For example, it can be printed on fresh agricultural packaging boxes or on the national flag, but also on cartons printed on two-dimensional codes, consumers can participate in the lottery by scanning two-dimensional codes or corpses. Authenticity of Items.
    Angelika, general secretary of the European carton industry association concluded, "corrugated boxes and digital printing technology combined with strong performance, low cost characteristics. Therefore, corrugated packaging industry Present and future will become the first choice of discounted product packaging. "
    The development of the packaging industry means the development of the packaging machinery production line. Investment in high quality packaging machinery is essential.