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    For the first time, Vietnamese people have successfully designed and manufactured Flexo technology book printers for the printing industry, producing school stationery and packaging. The owner of this printer is engineer Nguyen Quoc Hoa - Director of Quoc Hoa Mechanical Company (Thai Binh). His work won the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award in 2005.

    In Vietnam, the paper and paper industry still mainly uses outdated semi-manual line marking machines. In the past, there were a few roll printers that were imported as aid but for various reasons they were infrequent. Recently, a number of businesses have imported rolling stock printers at a very high price of VND2.5 billion for used machines and more than VND14 billion if they were new. When the new mechanism opened, Nguyen Quoc Hoa set up a paper-paper factory. At the beginning of 2000, Quoc Hoa designed and manufactured a continuous automatic line cutting machine, drawing - cutting sheets directly on paper rolls. Hoa's machine is compared to the revolution of our country's paper-making industry, because there are no mechanical printing factories in Vietnam that have successfully fabricated a roll cutting machine that is completely bought from foreign countries. This machine was quickly used by domestic paper manufacturers. But this machine still reveals many disadvantages. Unfortunately, also in 2000, Hoa's factory suffered a loss, all money and Hoa's houses had to accrue to the bank without having to pay off their debts. Nguyen Quoc Hoa started to "redo his life" again from setting up a mechanical team to weld chicken coops, duck cages, iron rickets, gates ... However, even in the most tragic moments, Hoa did not leave in mind. pictures of automatic printing machines. In 2002, Nguyen Quoc Hoa, in very difficult conditions, boldly invested in researching, designing and manufacturing the first automatic roller printer in Vietnam using Flexo printing technology - a technology. Being widely used to print a wide range of products with a very large number of publications such as notebooks, notebooks, labels, envelopes, boxes ... Hoa works quietly and quietly every night from 1 to 4 in the morning on the computer. After more than a year of research, in 2003 Nguyen Quoc Hoa successfully manufactured a printing machine. However, the first three machines, sold and received back because the test is good, but continuous production operation still has technical problems to be solved. It was not until April 2004 that the new technical standard roller printers were designed and manufactured for the first time in Vietnam. This is a scroll printer but can change batches, thereby changing the size of the printed sheet. This allows different types of products to be printed on one winding machine. The assembly and change of the plate is very simple and convenient. The selling price of Quoc Hoa printing machine is only 1/3 of the price of a machine imported from China and only half the price of an offset printing machine (used) with the same size sheet. The percentage of foreign spare parts installed on the machine is only about 10%. Through the actual production in the units using Quoc Hoa book printer, for every 1 ton of paper, 600,000 VND saved in costs for paper materials, labor, electricity, ink ... On average each year alone. The industry of producing notebook paper has used up about 40,000 tons of paper for printing school notebooks, at least it has saved a few tens of billion dong. If many other industries also use book printers such as packaging, printing forms, labels ... the number saved will be much larger.
    According to Tien Phong