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    In the production of corrugated cardboard, the tension imbalance of each layer of board will cause the longitudinal warpage of cardboard. It is necessary to pay attention to adjust the conveying tension of face paper and each layer of board. Paper produced by different manufacturing equipment and processes and paper from different producing areas will have different shrinkage directions and shrinkage rates. The difference of paper and stacking conditions in different incoming batches will make the moisture content of paper different. The old conveyor belt will affect the humidity volatilization of the upper paperboard due to poor air permeability. At the same time, it will make the upper paperboard absorb the steam emitted by the lower paperboard and produce moisture absorption deformation. The old production line should pay attention to prevent ignoring this factor. www.chinacartonmachine.com
    If you understand the principle and the adjustment methods of the production line, and take appropriate measures for adjustment through careful observation and analysis, you can quickly eliminate it. You must understand the stable maximum economic operation speed of the drying channel of the production line and the normal temperature of the hot plate.
    On the whole, the technical level of China's carton machinery is 20 years behind that of advanced countries, and is at a disadvantage in the competition in product development, performance, quality, reliability and service. Packaging machinery products should develop in the direction of multi-function and single high-speed; For candy packaging, pillow type, special-shaped and conjoined products are required. Such products are required to complete the packaging of a series of products on one packaging machine. Paperboard warping is a common phenomenon in the production process of corrugated paperboard. Each enterprise has accumulated certain experience. It should determine the appropriate humidity of each layer, inner and core paper before compounding in the paperboard production process with a stable maximum economic operation speed and control it reliably.