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    The printing industry is developing day by day, and many beautiful and eye-catching products are created. The printing products are increasingly diversified, classified into many types of printing. Flexo printing technology is a popular printing technique, let's learn some notes before buying a flexo printer!
    In terms of design, flexo printers include horizontal and vertical stackers. In terms of configuration, there are 3 types of printing axis, horizontal machine, vertical machine. Depending on the purpose of use of customers to choose the right machine.
    The printer rollers are stacked on top of each other and that printer type is a vertical stacker. In this format we can choose to print 1 or 2 sides of the media. So we can print in multiple colors.
    Using flexo printers helps us to carry out the printing process continuously and the printer has the ability to link with many other machines and equipment. Flexo printing technology helps to print richer colors, creating more quality products. In the 4 batches of ink stations, they are divided into two distinct systems, which is the printing system of the ink transmission system. The ink tray is in charge of getting ink (printing color), through the anilox batch to transmit to the print and the printing press will print color on the surface of the material. Here, the two date systems must work evenly and make sure to do their job well, to produce the best quality printing products.
    The flexo printer has a product meter counter so it can count the correct quantity of products that customers need. Thus, we can save costs for each production order.
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