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    Currently, in the international community, the green packaging system has become one of the main contents of the establishment of green standards in developed countries. According to statistics provided by the United Nations Statistics Office, 90% of Americans, 89% of Germans and 84% of Dutch buy goods with environmental standards. As the world's largest developing country,
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    Green packaging system requires packaging materials to save resources, reduce waste, easily recycle or recycle after use or easily decompose naturally, do not pollute the environment, protect resources. environment and consumer health. That means, the whole process of product packaging from raw material selection, material processing, product manufacturing and use, recycling and recycling to final disposal will not cause harm. human body and environment. Developed countries have introduced the principle of "4R1D": reducing the use of packaging materials under conditions that meet the protection, convenience, sales and other functions of the packaging; For reuse, packaging can be reused after completing a certain function; for recycling and reuse. Recycling, through the production of recycled products, incineration and the use of thermal energy, composting to improve soil and other measures to achieve the purpose of reuse; Can be refilled, cans, bottles and other packaging after recycling, can be refilled and used; decomposition, packaging waste can be decomposed, does not create environmental pollution, and soil improvement is achieved.
    Green packaging systems in most developed countries are implemented through domestic laws and regulations. However, unsuitable policy measures and gaps between national standards also have a major negative impact on Vietnam's export trade. For relevant packaging materials, European and American environmental laws and regulations have higher requirements and standards to facilitate the handling and recycling of packaging materials. Packaging materials are firstly required to be safe, and the second is harmless to the human body and the natural environment. The packaging material is outdated, difficult to handle, reclaim low and serious environmental pollution for importing countries. This has caused many products in Vietnam to be exported because of packaging problems. With an increasingly strong voice of environmental protection worldwide, green packaging has become an indispensable trend of the development of the packaging market. Facing the "green barrier", it is necessary to promote the development of green packaging, to invest in a modern packaging production line system, which can provide sufficient productivity and high efficiency.