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    1. The semi-automatic carton stapler has sufficient protective measures to avoid danger during operation.
    2. The suitable space for workers to move is sufficient and smooth.
    3. Convenient size setting and adjustment, including the installation of bulkhead, origami arm, paper board distance and discharge count.
    4. It can be used for gluing on rollers or injection systems.
    5. An auxiliary device is provided to prevent the large carton from sagging due to gravity during the stacking process.
    6 The semi-automatic carton stapler is equipped with a paper suction device, so that even warped carton can be transported smoothly.
    7. Origami shaped bars can overcome the effects of poorly pressed lines or different depths.
    8. The origami belt is equipped with a guide strip that fits into the guide track of the pressing wheel to prevent the origami belt from becoming solid.
    9. It is equipped with a good origami belt adjustable speed control device, which can suit the characteristics of the carton and avoid the deviation of big and small mouth or fishtail shape.
    10. Equipped with a pressure wheel, semi-automatic nailing machine can be pressurized and glued properly to make company gluing. Cartons pressed by pressure wheels can reduce articulation and prevent skewers.
    11 After folding, a paper-beating device is set up to make the carton box folded, and a blowing auxiliary device is also placed to make the carton fall down smoothly.
    12.After the carton stack is discharged, there is enough buffer space and equipment.
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