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    Carton printing technology is increasingly plentiful and modern with many printing techniques. If you are planning to print carton boxes, you will probably know the method of ìnflexo. Viet Dat Co., Ltd. has researched the advantages of this printing method, providing flexo printers to help bring high quality finished products, exactly, in accordance with each customer's requirements.
    Carton flexo printing machine
    Application of flexo printing in cartons
    Flexo printing is often used to print labels, stickers, stamps, labels, labels, carton packaging ... and print on many other special materials such as fabric, wood, printing on polymer films ...
    Advantages and disadvantages of carton flexo printing machine
    The quality of carton printing by flexo machine can meet the needs of printing logos, brands, images, small details while ensuring sharpness.
    About ink dries very quickly and does not smudge color. On the other hand, the ink adhesion is very good.
    Print on all media and paper materials
    Detachable template tube for sample printing
    The price is cheaper than printing Offset carton.
    Products printed with Flexo printers are more beautiful and impressive, helping to improve the brand value of companies and businesses.
    The carton flexo printer produces sharp printing colors
    The cost of a copy of Photopolyme is relatively high compared to silkscreen printing when making small quantities.
    Flexo printing cartons are only suitable for industrial printing with large quantity.
    This printer will be longer than Offset printing due to the longer printing time.
    Printing, the Flexo printing technique is only suitable for industrial printing with large volume.
    Find out before investing in carton flexo printers
    Customers need to understand their needs before investing in flexo printers such as the printing size, the largest carton size they need to print, the products that print in several colors, the printing speed, the products have special requirements such as die grooves and different product special requirements.
    It is necessary to determine the need to use when buying a flexo carton printer
    The essentials to quote the best carton printing inflexo machine
    For the most accurate and fast quotation, customers need to provide Viet Dat some of the following information:
    Size of cartons to be produced
    - Type 3-layer, 5-layer or 7-layer carton.
    - What type of machine need a quote? The machine is often held
    - Number of machines to order?
    - Print 1 color or multiple colors? How many faces?
    - Where is the delivery place? Which province?
    Usually carton flexo printer includes many combinations to form 1 machine, when the factory is located, the factory will produce according to the needs of the customer.
    Viet Dat sells quality carton flexo printers
    Why do we need detailed information to quote and advise the best for customers?
    Based on the provided information, Viet Dat will give customers the machine that best matches the customer's business goals:
    Type carton flexo printing machine saves space and costs, most suitable to customers' requirements.
    Which printing technique is suitable for minimizing costs.
    Viet Dat - Prestigious inflexo machine supplier
    Why should you choose Viet Dat:
    - Viet Dat has more than 20 years of experience in providing packaging equipment, fully possessing and fully understanding the capabilities of reputable and quality suppliers.
    - We always undertake and maintain machinery and equipment when customers need them
    - Having a team of experienced experts from large Chinese factories, a team of engineers in Vietnam who are dynamic, enthusiastic, creative are always ready to accompany customers.
    Viet Dat hopes to have customers provide full information of the product so that we can advise and sell the best quality and optimal carton flexo printer for you.
    For further information, please contact:
    Address: SO 05 1st Floor, S3 building Vinhomes Skylake, Pham Hung Street, My Dinh Ward 1, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi
    Website: maybaobivietdat@gmail.com
    Hotline: 0913 238 526